The Selling Process through Nueva Andalucia Marbella

The Selling Process through Nueva Andalucia Marbella

Oct 20, 2015
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The Selling Process through Nueva Andalucia Marbella

What does “Selling” mean for Nueva Andalucia Marbella?


Selling is an art not handled by many and we are convinced that your interests may be represented by the experts in the subject. This process requires professionalism, seriousness and a “good knack” to complete this exclusive paperwork that for many is tortuous. Acting as your helping hand we provide to our clientele a top rank service not being followed by any company in the competence counting on the recognition of all in Marbella.


As Consultants, As Leaders…

As consultants Nueva Andalucia Marbella is the highest exponent of quality. We aim just one objective, to give our customers a nice experience in selling their properties; guiding them in this complex process simplifying it for their convenience. Sometimes this simple process may seem ‘insignificant’ but it is really worthy and necessary for your tranquility. According to many, Selling is the art of exchanging values and as this is the specialty in the house we encourage you to look for our assistance which will help you to get your goals and not to wait so long thanks to our wide and extent web.

In Costa del Sol we are the leaders. Responsibility, accuracy and seriousness.




A recognized staff of consultants make life in our offices working daily with the goal of offering all their knowledge in the area. All a team performing in full swing calling and looking for clients and investors interested in properties. All this with a Stunning 2000 properties catalog in our prestigious webpages belonging to the exceptional and matchless Group Newbery. This eminent staff is catalogued the ‘chief enterprise’. Our customers testify about the good service and attention characterized for the class and category provided to its clients.

Once you get our services: Assessment & Analysis

When you get the services of Nueva Andalucia Marbella all our experience in the market goes on the table to offer the best of services to our customers which are the most important part of the enterprise. Our assesors will assist you doing a personalized Free Comparative Market Analysis to give you a better point of view about the property trade. In the moment of listing the property our enterprise will accompany you in every property viewing. When you already have selected one property we will be able to develop the activities referred with the purchase as Lawyers, Currency Exchange, Inventory and Liaising in order to keep a safe and secure transaction.


Selecting right moves & right prices


In the case you select a very high price to your property can bring so many problems in that case delaying the selling of the house. The idea is to prepare the way in the crucial time to establish a fair price and call the attention of the buyers. Just the experts can help you marking the prices correctly with Comparative Market Analysis we make to do it correctly according to the real price.

High Property Exposure


The best of all this services is that our company have one of the largest network of showing properties, a considerable reach to thousands of people through the internet and also in the real field. We project our house to all interested people in investment in Marbella covering all Costa del Sol and having a quick access to the properties. If any investor want to go, we immediately can go, show and guide them offering a service of selling working in the confidence and trust of our clients. This kind of things make us different from the competence, put your trust in us and we will make a marvelous job guarantying your happiness through the whole process.