As an expertise team we also provide assistant to our distinguished customers, in case anyone is willing to apply for a mortgage loan, we walk them through all the documentation needed to make easy every step to move forward.

Requesting a mortgage loan is quite valid, especially if you intend to make a long-term investment. We can provide you all the information you need whether you are first time purchasing or expanding your property portfolio, helping you to determine a suitableloan for you.

We offer two type of services in terms of mortgages loan:

Mortgages for residents: It is a service we provide only to those potential clients we are residing in Spain in a legal manner and pay their taxes on time according to law. And, this is aquite advantage for someonewilling to purchase a new home in a short-time period.

A 100% finance could be achieved with our team expertise. We empower your potential and assist you in order to reach your goal.

Mortgages for non-residents:  this is a type of mortgage granted by our financial institutions for foreigners or Spanish people who residence is abroad, in order to be able to get a second home in Spain, a 90% financing can be achieved.

Before applying for a mortgage, it is important you to contact the three main credit reference agencies and order your credit reports.Make sure all the information about you is correct. Please start collecting all the documentation, which include:

  • Copy of your Passport or driving licence,
  • Self-proving affidavit,
  • Declaration of Assets,
  • Incomedisclosurestatement,
  • Latest three months payslip are requested for most Banks transactions, and must show your gross pay, deductions, taxes, etc., in case you are an employee, and invoices for those who are self-employed, offer professional services, pension invoices are also applicable,
  • Bank account statement of your current account for the last three to six months,
  • Statement for your saving account,
  • Equifax from your original country, credit report to be able to check your credit score. If it is requested, you might need to show previous personal loans, mortgages, credit cards statement and other debts),
  • If you still have any debt in your country of origin, for example a mortgage,must show the lasts 3 payment receipts indicating it has been redeemed.

Once all the requirements are organized, you will have more chances to succeed and be able to purchase your first property, another asset as investment or to secure your loved ones.

Having a home is a blessing, a second home is an investment, play Smart. We encourage you to apply for a mortgage loan and enjoy all its benefits:

  • Your home could be acquired in a short-time period,
  • You will be paying for your OWN home instead of renting,
  • Your mortgage can be suitable to you, depending on your circumstances.

 A mortgage insurance is a legal requirement of Spanish mortgages, a proper insurance will protect your money and investment, and you might consider acquiring a life insurance as well.

We invite you to contact us for further information, call us or visit our office upon request.

Join us, play Smart, we know how to, and willing to guide you.