Get your Residential Visa investing in Spain

Get your Residential Visa investing in Spain

Oct 20, 2015
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Get your Residential Visa investing in Spain

If your idea is to increase the range of your enterprise or your investments, this post is going to show you up an exceptional chance to reach a new market with a new scope; this is the key of the success of many companies and businesses. Nowadays, Spain is an excellent market which offers great possibilities for the foreigners allowing them to acquire a property and at the same time the resident legal status in the country. This is a first-rate opportunity taking into account how difficult is to get residential Visas in many European countries but not in this growing new market which is waiting for you. This important law was released in September 2013 with the aim of strengthen the housing market in Spain and to raise the economics and increase the business opportunities in the following years. All foreign people, who purchase a property for approximately 500000 € or several properties by a similar amount will have the chance to get the Spanish Residency.

One of the greatest benefits is that if you obtain this residence you become part of the Schengen Area having access to several countries which belong to the treaty extending your possibilities of trading through all this area. It is a good deal to consider for the non-EU citizens having the opportunity to acquire this incredible advantage.

The Newbery Group represents the masters in the Real Estate Law and immigration scope with an outstanding staff willing to assess in the best way to its customers offering the best quality in services and especially in the acquisition of properties and residence application.

We want to be the helper hand in order to facilitate the residence of the investors in the country using this beneficial law and to contribute to the forming of new enterprises and allow the growing of the Housing Market in Spain.

The time that this procedure takes is relatively short in comparison with other visa procedures, following the settled requirements this process could take a short time of two months to have be processed by the Spanish Institutions. When the petitioner has submitted the documentation the final resolution could take even 20 days.

As you are the owner you have the chance to select the purpose of your property. You can build a commercial shop, living or rent it occasionally. You are have the last option, take this excellent chance.

In case you do not want to travel to Spain to do all this processes Nueva Andalucia Marbella acts as your representative and agents in order to make your life easier and easing the process working for your convenience. When the paperwork has been fulfilled we watch for the process to submit the papers to the Spanish Diplomatic Mission with the aim you get the Spanish Residency.

Our clientele just put the trust and we put the experience. There is no better consultant than us in Costa del Sol, what you are looking for we find it according to your needs. We adjust your budget to cover all your expectations handling legal procedures in your behalf as dealing with taxes, drafting the contract, land registry etc.

As soon as you count with the title deed of the property the requirements you have to present will be guided by us as passport, bank statements or criminal records to prove you have sufficient funds to cover your cost of living when you come to Spain. Medical Repost, health insurance etc. You do not have to exceed 3 months since the documents are required by the competent authorities. All the certifications and documents may be in written in Spanish.

In last term, all the relatives and member of the family of the investor will have the same resident status acquiring a lot of benefits. The Newbery Group will be the perfect assessor to you in Spain renewing the Spanish Residence.

The most complete service is offered by us, do not get the wrong decision. Send us a message or give us a call to register a consultation with one of our attorneys.